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I am an Intern at mLab and I have graduated at codeX as an Agile Full Stack Developer. This is a portfolio containing the work that I did since I started at codeX and after.

I enjoy building good looking websites and Express Apps and I like learning.More information on Alterconf

Contact Information

Name : Lolito Mafanga

Email : lolito@mlab.co.za

Address : Delft South / Cape Town

About this Repository

gh-pages hosted Web-Developer-Portfoilio. Chronology of previous projects. "Future-Projection-onProjects". The projects will be in the range of Web-Apps to Android and later on to include IOT-Based-Apps.You can clone this Repository and Collaborate on it.

The main focus on this is to design a variety of Web Apps and Mobile Apps for Companies and for live gaming. The gaming apps will be about the nodebots and drones, I really dream a lot about the last one.


Nelisa Spaza Shop App, 2nd Hackathon and Playing With Matches - First Dynamic Web Page

- March-December-(16) | codeX

Nelisa Spaza Shop App

A CodeX Applied Learning Project for a Spaza Shop owner to know which products are more popular and which are not. In this way it helps the owner know what to stock for the following week and what not to stock. The manager is also able to see the profit they make each week and they know what products bring more profit. ExpressJs, Handlebars, mySQL, Bootstrap and Digital Ocean.


Doctor's Orders App

The app helps pharmacists authorise access to medication to the right patient by having the doctor sending a One-Time-Pin directly to the patient's phone. The patient then goes to the pharmacists with the One-Time-Pin as the only key to open the script for the medication. This also eliminates the use of printed prescriptions and thus promoting safety and prevention of loss of scripts.


Playing With Matches

My first JavaScript and HTML & CSS web page. This web page is about displaying 9 random numbers on a 3 by 3 table. If there are numbers that are matching on the squares then a message must be displayed saying that there is a match and where. For example, if there are three 4's matching diagonally then the numbers are highlited and the message is displayed.


Portfolio Extension Section

This is a special section of the portfolio.

Here I was under the urge to host a web app with heroku. I have done it before at codeX and then it was intimidating and complicated to do. I wanted to see if I could do it again and learn from the hickups that I will encounter. The second deploy to heroku is successful. It was still complicated.

This started out as Space Apps Hackathon report. I wanted to publish a website I created without any front-end frame-work. I made it. It was looking great to some extent. There were few things I could not achieve; positioning certain blocks in certain ways. The more I tried to achive that the worse I made the site. It got to a point where I completely messed it up. I could delete the whole CSS and create another one but I thought It would be too much work. I would have to do my Job less to get the page looking the way I at least wanted. I decided to leave it broken like that until the idea of OriginDestudio crossed my mind.

I was obsessed over this so much that I did not want to waste time and mess it up again. I decided to use a framework I rarely used. Material Design. I think it looks great, Material makes things look sweet.So, to make up for the report I abondoned in an attempt to be original, I want to recreate a parralax effect for the next project that I will think of puting up next, if something does not come up. This will be another window to my design studio.

Design Installment

Social Window

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