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Short Introduction

I am an Agile Web Developer graduate from codeX seeking a position as a Front-End Developer to further improve my skills in HTML, CSS, NodeJs, Django, MySQL, GitHub, GitLab and JavaScript.

In 2012 I enrolled for Computer Science Degree at the University of the Western Cape. I did not complete the Degree. I started coding at the University using Java for the First Semester and Python for the Second Semester. In total I programmed with both languages for a total that approximates to a year for each language since I repeated my first year in 2013. After two years of casual work from retail companies and recruiting companies like Harambee I joined codeX in 2016 and that is where I started my Web Development career up to today.

I enjoy building webapps and I like learning about new technology and latest tools widely used in the tech industry.

About Me


Name : Lolito Mafanga

Email :

Address : Delft South / Cape Town

About this Page

Main site of previous, current and future projects by myself. I am planning on including everything that I built with code under External Projects. My main interest is mostly in developing progressive webapps and building arduino based projects although I have not yet done anything with arduinos yet, but in the future there will be some references.

2016 Projects | codeX

March - December

Nelisa Spaza Shop App

A CodeX Applied Learning Project for a Spaza Shop owner to know which products are more popular and which are not. In this way it helps the owner know what to stock for the following week and what not to stock. The manager is also able to see the profit they make each week and they know what products bring more profit. ExpressJs, Handlebars, mySQL, Bootstrap and Digital Ocean.

Doctor's Orders App

The app helps pharmacists authorise access to medication to the right patient by having the doctor sending a One-Time-Pin directly to the patient's phone. The patient then goes to the pharmacists with the One-Time-Pin as the only key to open the script for the medication. This also eliminates the use of printed prescriptions and thus promoting safety and prevention of loss of scripts.

Playing With Matches

My first JavaScript and HTML & CSS web page. This web page is about displaying 9 random numbers on a 3 by 3 table. If there are numbers that are matching on the squares then a message must be displayed saying that there is a match and where. For example, if there are three 4's matching diagonally then the numbers are highlited and the message is displayed.

Contact Me

I am looking for full-time Employment as a Web Developer focusing on NodeJs and / Django Application

I am particularly interested in WebApps and Nodebots(IOT)